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Governor’s race….

Pat Quinn didn’t do a really shitty job trying to fix things, and it can’t get any worse with Bruce Rauner, can it.  Either way I’ll be doing the same fucking thing trying to stay above the water. One’s just more Republican than the other.


Where Young College Graduates Are Choosing to Live - Buffalo

Cities such as Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, and Atlanta are suffering from the “brain drain” that once plagued cities like Buffalo supporting evidence that reputations are beginning to shift across the country. In recent years Buffalo has stemmed the flow of emigrants from the city and has slowly been increasing its population, which includes college grads. Along with being consistently ranked as one of the best college cities in the nation Credit Donkey has named Buffalo the best city for college grads in 2014 and Business Insider called Buffalo one of the most underrated cities for 20-somethings. The New York Times warns other cities that with college grads moving to non-traditional cities “places like Pittsburgh and Buffalo could develop a new reputation - as role models for resurgence.

In many ways Buffalo and Western New York has already been flirting with this reputation for about a decade with over $16B in new construction over the last three years alone. Despite the success, Buffalo still has trials to overcome before many would be satisfied calling it a true resurgence. Yet, this cannot detract from the fact that cities such as Pittsburgh and Buffalo have been repeatedly recognized for their progress in recent years while other “rust belt cities,” such as Cleveland and Detroit, are still struggling.

Chicago Made Its Yellow Lights 0.1 Second Shorter And Raked In $8 Million From New Tickets

……..Goddammit Chicago I don’t need you to start short changing your citizens now.


October 21, 1964. Another day of campaigning! Today, President Johnson visits Akron, Ohio; Belleville, Illinois; and St. Louis, Missouri. While in Missouri, President Johnson also makes a stop to visit President Truman in the hospital. 

See today’s stops, along with previous campaign stops in our On the Road with LBJ map.

LBJ Library Photos 428-34-WH64, 428-27-WH64, 428-54-WH64, 428-70-WH64, and 428-23-WH64; images are in the public domain. 

Peaches: Staple crop in Southern Illinois, especially Union County
After a century, bison return to Illinois
Michelle Obama campaigns for Illinois governor

Shall we bet on this game, Carolina?