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Imagine Superbowl 48 like that. I’m sure people would be dead from heart attacks.

Got money to pay the bills now.

Seattle you better not fuck this game up.

I got money riding on yo ass.

Dat Manning face.

So sad. OMAHAHAHAHA. And in other news, Green Bay lost. Sweet.

Food Stamp Sign-Ups Outnumber Jobs Created in Obama's Illinois
Illinois has one of most unfair tax systems, study shows

Kankakee River, Channahon, IL - March 2013



*Charlie chuckles as well, sitting next to Matt and accepting the donut with a flourish.*

I figured I couldn’t eat all of it, so I decided to share some with you.

*Taking a munch, he looks up at the sky as well, remembering his days when he was younger and marveling at the stars. They were still there, so that was a bit of comfort of something he knew that wasn’t going to change for a long time.*

No shame in sitting alone, Mattie. Sometimes being alone is the best thing you can do.

Smiles and takes a bite of his own eyes still up at the stars. “It’s nice but.. too much of it can get lonely.” Sighing he stared at his lap now holding the roll. “I suppose I’m tired of having to go through my days alone. I admit it’s nice but.. my mind tends to wander.” 

…You’re not alone, I’m here right now aren’t I? And I’m not alone because I’m with you so…in a sense, we’re not alone at all. But in other terms, yeah it can get really lonely. But if you think about it, its not like I don’t remember or forget you like everyone else does.

How can I when I used to be part of your territory?

*He finishes the donut and dusts the crumbs off his hands*

My muse has a black eye but refuses to talk about it, how does your muse react?

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Ya know, I totally forgot that the Battle of Antietam happens to fall on the same day as the adoption of the US Constitution. Guess this day is just full of history huh?..

I forgot.