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-Charlie St. Cloud

This isn’t going to be a good season, I can fucking feel it.

*groans and buries face in hands*

Bear Down, motherfuckers.

Football season is coming. After the preseason that is.


I want to apologize for anything that I did wrong to offend those that follow me. I am not always aware for if I did anything wrong but I would like to be informed if I have done anything wrong so I can better learn how to approach these manners. Not telling me anything I have done only confuses me, and I would greatly prefer to be told about it rather than having people assume that I would know right off the bat.

And for my absence, I had to take a hiatus for personal reasons in real life that happened at the same time this situation took place. And if anyone is gonna insult me and call me names, rest assured that I will ignore you. I like to learn from my mistakes, but instantly accusing me and calling me names is not a constructive way for me to learn from my mistakes. To be honest, I have no idea what I am apologizing for, because I am not here to please people, but to roleplay and do some character development. I do it for my own pleasure, and not for attention and praise.

I’m open to communication as I love to meet new people, make new friends and gain new experiences to better myself, but being uninformative for anything I have done wrong or not just really confuses me. If I can be courteous about helping other and informing them of anything, I hope to get the same action in return. If I don’t know what’s going on, I need to be informed, I’m not gonna get the situation right away, and if I did do something wrong, why won’t people tell me?

I apologize for anything and/or everything I’ve done wrong, but PLEASE, I am asking you to please inform me if I have done anything wrong. If people can take the time to send me notes demanding an apology, all I ask in return is for information on why you want my apology. I’m only human, I’m gonna mess up from time and time again and continue to do so. But if you really do have a problem with me, please inform me on my main tumblr account and not my other ones such as this.

Thank you and take care.



oh hello

How have you been?

  Anonymous said:
Will you learn to make turtles with me if I throw various square papers at you?

*He tilts his head, wondering what the hell the anon is talking about. But yeah sure he would as long they didn’t pelt wads of paper at him*

  Anonymous said:
*caresses your face* what is your opinion on solar roads? And to answer the question you might have, no I am not letting go of your face. So soft. So nice.

*Illinois blinks, and scratches the top of his head because the gray face wasn’t going to let go of his face anytime soon*


*He decides to just give a thumbs up and a nod of approval*

  Anonymous said:
♥:One thing you love about your Muse

((This was a really hard question to answer, lol. Because normally I think of the negativity and how it affects everyone around him. But one thing that I really love about Illinois is how he’s constantly developing and realizing that he’s just as human as everyone else and prone to mistakes. His pride is something he has to deal with constantly and he’s slowly learning to take it down a notch. Baby steps though.))

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*He doesn’t know why himself, and carefully lowers his foot down somewhere where there are no blocks around*

"I’ll clean those up for you" Alice smiled and got to work.

*Illinois manages a smile before he decides to help her as well.*

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